Program Management - Digital Conversions & Migrations

The RM Professional has recognized experience in applying document imaging standards to provide a more accurate, evidentiary image to meet the needs of the federal clients and agency partners.  We are heavily experienced in document conversion and migration from legacy filing systems and file shares into newer enterprise records and information systems to improve search, location and reduce records request and retrieval times.   Our experience includes performing migrations into File Shares, SharePoint, Documentum and offsite storage.

Electronic Records Management Systems Planning

The Records Management Professional Team has seasoned technical and operational experience using the latest Records and Document Management Systems on the market.   These systems include EMC’s Documentum, Microsoft’s SharePoint and Record Point and other CMIS compliant Records Management applications.  We are skilled in vendor product evaluation, technology evaluation and strategic planning to make your chosen solution successfully integrate with your existing network.  Finally, we have proven experience developing Records Management Program Plans, Conceptual Operations Documentation and developing training content for end-users.

End User Training and Documentation

To support increased adoption of new records management procedures and practices that we recommend, the RM Professional has proven experience in developing the core training content and delivering the training program to end-user customers and key stakeholders.  We can vary the training and educational delivery approach based on user needs and skill sets.

Records and Information Collection Strategy and Planning

  • Technology Planning and RIM Program Road map Development

  • Evaluation and Recommendations of 3rd Party Commercial Off the Shelf RIM Solutions

  • Physical and Electronic Inventory

  • Review and Assessment of the RIM Program and Records Operation

  • Business Process Analysis

  • Paper / Physical Records Content Migration and Disposition Processing

  • Accessioning with NARA for Records Transfer

  • Taxonomy Development and Content Classification using Business Process


Records Management Regulations and Standards

Records Management Professional team (RMP) interprets existing Federal Government, State and Industry Record Keeping Requirements to drive compliance with existing standards such as ISO 16175, ISO 15489, DOD 5015.2 and National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Code of Federal Regulations 1220 - 1226.

Technical Program Management for Service Delivery

  • RMP has extensive experience and success in delivering records management services as required by task order or services contract.

  • Our project and program management framework is the cornerstone for all RIM Program Deliverables and Services.

  • We integrate sound project management principles and techniques to address all concerns with structured and unstructured electronic information that must be scheduled, retired and finally dispositioned according to the organization’s RIM Policy or federal guideline.

  • Develop Records Management Plan for the Organization that implements new processes and procedures associated with regulatory requirements, industry standards and organizational benchmark


Operational Records Management Experience

  • Records File Planning, Indexing and Storage

  • Defining Metadata Standards and Records Taxonomy to support Federated Search across platforms

  • Provide expertise and input into the handling of recorded electronic information

  • Assures each business function is aligned to the organization’s records and information policies

  • Manage, control and direct records imaging and conversion operations and staff

  • Ensure adherence to record keeping policy and procedures

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