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Block Chain, What Does It Mean For Your Organization?

You've all heard the buzz by now about crypto currency and the main technology underlying it, Block Chain. Simply put, it's a secure means of conducting business over a closed user group electronic network. How will it help or hurt your organization in providing the distribution and release of funds to your employees and co-workers?


At the root of these technologies are two impact areas:

  1. Defining a strategy to identify, locate and collect the Digital Information that defines an Official Block Chain Record.

  2. Creating a Program Plan to manage the Digital Records Life Cycle for disruptive Technology Platforms using Block Chain to complete Transactions.

As financial organizations and federal agencies continue their push toward a best possible electronic recorded information operation, the underlying data that defines the electronic record must meet protection and audit requirements defined in federal regulations such as SEC 17 (a) (iv), which is applicable to most banking and financial institutions. What about your current information systems that support procurement, travel and expense management? How does your organization prevent from doing the same ol' "print the electronic file, scan it, convert it and then file it" in a manual classification system? What strategy do I use to capture, inventory and manage a digital currency or block-chain based record?

Answer: Let the Records Management Professional team collaborate with your organization to provide the strategic records management plan needed to make your organization's digital transformation successful.

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