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Digital Transformation of Record Keeping – What Does It Mean?

A fancy title but what does it mean? Digital Transformation is an over-used term meant to convey the “digital change” from legacy business processes to process and workflow automation technologies that expedite service delivery to customers using quote, unquote – Digital Technologies. Services can be seen in the form of food delivery, transaction processing via web-based applications or simply replacing legacy paper-based processes with less human, manually invasive steps that speed up the creation and recognition of business records. Legacy products can be seen as

Three diverse professionals on a computer using digital transformation

Digital transformation embraces new technologies and methods to transform/change or optimize the way in which an organization conducts its business and delivers its services.

Digital Transformation in Records Management now involves the ability to establish a usable, consistent electronic document filing system and the managed records identification, capture and life cycle management of records.

While this sounds simplistic, it is not. The Digital Transformation of a government agency’s records management requires a thought-out plan and a roadmap to get you there. It’s not just about scanning paper, converting the digitized file into a searchable PDF. It’s about under electronic record keeping operations and how it differs from legacy, paper-based Records Management.

Let the Records Management Professional LLC show you the way!

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