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Records Management Modernization

Many federal agencies are engaged in a fast and furious effort to scan and convert thousands upon thousands of paper records into digital files. Many of these files are likely no longer official records and the rush to meet the OMB M-23-07 Transition to Electronic Records Directive will likely create an electronic clutter field in your Share Drive, SharePoint Site Collection or Cloud-based Storage Service. The directive still does not speak to the need for modernizing how an agency will manage and control electronic records through the Records Life Cycle – Post Conversion!

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Modernization of Records Management in government agencies and commercial organizations now means how do we apply generally accepted record keeping principles to unstructured and structured digital data that not only substantiates the record but, in some cases, represents the actual business record that meets evidentiary and regulatory standards.

Many organizations rely upon SharePoint (Hosted or Online), Network File Shares and previously SharePoint Records Center. Newer information management technologies and more FEDRAMP compliant options are available and emerging into the market to support Intelligent records id and capture.

Let the Records Management Professional LLC work with your agency Records Management Staff and IT Operations to conduct the proper assessment and evaluation out the right technology infrastructure and architecture that will position. Our staff can provide you with an organized needs assessment, identify best fit technologies and conduct the appropriate alternatives analysis in order to make the best technology infrastructure that meets Record Keeping Operational needs. We can provide you with technology evaluation and selection services as well as provide program implementation planning services to guide the modernized infrastructure’s deployment, in collaboration with the government or business customer, across the organization.

Our leadership has demonstrated this capability with other organizations including two Operating Divisions of the Dept. of Health and Human Services.

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